The Assassins
Two brothers on a quest to become the grand priest of all the clans. They have killed all the priests who have come before them, but there can be only one. For his own safety, the current grand priest has come to America, but so have the brothers. The grand priest has used his considerable influence and connections to gain incredible wealth and power, but the brothers are not deterred, they’re still coming. But greed has a funny way of creeping up and now the brothers have split and are own their own quest to become the grand priest, each one trying to be the first to kill the grand priest and gain all his wealth and power.

  • Game Design $1000 as a single game
  • At least 200 Square feet needed
  • Competition Game Design $1500 (Two separate, but identical rooms and players compete against each other) There is cool and unique added element to this game that the single game does not have.
  • At least 400 square feet as challenge rooms.

Some tech involved
Two room game, can be made into a one room game very simply.
The estimated cost to build is roughly $5000-$8000 depending on how you purchase items.

  • We provide a step-by-step photo guide to build your game
  • Any soundtrack associated with the game
  • All supporting documents needed
  • A shopping list with links of where to purchase items
  • Support during your install
  • For an additional fee, we can come install the game for you
  • All documents are sent electronically via We Transfer
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